Facts, News and Updates on Everything Related to Rugby

Are you a rugby fan? Do you want to find out the latest news and events in rugby? Then this site has all the latest information.

Rookies and Players to Watch Out For

In every season some rookies have an outstanding performance, and this section contains the names of rookies that fans need to keep an eye on. Likewise, every season has some great players that make history for their teams and even in the sport. If you want to find out more who these players are, then this section has all those fantastic facts.

Coronavirus Impact on the National Rugby League

The coronavirus has impacted every sport and rugby has not been spared. After the coronavirus hit all the matches for the National Rugby League matches were suspended till further notice. This section contains all the information regarding the resumption of games and the new changes that fans and players must adhere to in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of these changes include changes in stadiums.

Best Rugby Teams

Which is the greatest rugby team of all time? Which rugby national team has the highest medals? You can avoid the guesswork and head over to this section and get the facts. This part also has a list of all the best performing teams in the 2019 National Rugby League season.

Hall of Fame Immortals

Most sports have a hall of fame of the best players. Well, the National Rugby League has taken it a notch higher and has a category called Immortals. Its history is quite impressive, and this section has all the details.