10 things you need to know about Australia’s NRL (Part 1)

The rugby league is a 13-man code that’s faster, smarter, and more exciting than its 15-man rugby cousin, and the biggest football competition on Earth takes place in Australia. 

From bone struggles to gravity defying acrobatics, learn everything you need to know about the National Rugby League.

History clubs

The oldest clubs in the NRL – specifically the Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs – were founded in 1908, before international football giants like Borussia Dortmund (1909) and AS Roma (1927), as well as every single franchise in the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Now that’s some serious sport history for a relatively young country, federated only in 1901.

The northern states love it

The rugby tournament began in Sydney more than a century ago, and New South Wales remains the stronghold of the sport – 11 out of 16 NRL clubs are based in NSW and the ACT (including nine in the city). port town), plus three in footy-mad Queensland, one in Victoria, and one in New Zealand.

There is a Kiwi team

The competition could be called the National Rugby League, but it included an outfit from a completely different country. The Warriors of Auckland have been participating in the Aussie Tournament for years, and although there is a whole country to choose from, they have yet to break their top duck. Perhaps the local talent has their heart set on an All Blacks rugby player, instead.

The game has recovered from the civil war

The rugby tournament was split into two in the mid-1990s – there were even two contests devoted to forming the Australian Rugby League and the super rebellion played in 1997 – before the formation of the NRL. patched in 1998. The competition began life as an uncomfortable marriage between war tribes and killed many of the most beloved icons like the North Sydney Bears and Western Suburbs Magpies.

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The center of the game is the state of origin

The NRLs refer to the 16-team club competition, but the culmination of the rugby tournament is the brutal interstate clash between NSW and Queensland. The State of Origin three-game series attracts huge media attention every winter – Regular Matches of Origin are the most watched Australian TV shows of the year – with fans suffering from captivated by the blood-crowded battle between bitter opponents.

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