Top Five National Rugby League Teams of All Time

It is one thing to be a well-rated team in one season and a whole other dimension to stand as the best of all time. While a legacy positioning starts with one game, these teams have held their ground for years and even decades.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is the most respected rugby team globally and has the nickname, the All Blacks. Their first game was in 1883 against New South Wales, and the first international game was against Australia in 1903. Since then, though the team has had its up and downs on the national chart, it is still the most celebrated, playing over four hundred matches with over three hundred wins.

2. South Africa

They were popularly known as the Springboks. The team from South Africa started playing international rugby in 1891 when a British Isles team toured their country. The following years saw a rapid growth in the team, so fiercely that the country held a British and Boer Rugby war.

3. Australia

The national team competes with South Africa and New Zealand annually in the Tri-Nations Tournament. The country was one of the founding teams for the Rugby World Cup and shared the first tournament in 1987 against New Zealand.

4. Argentina

Los Pumas first set foot in international rugby in 1910 against a British Isles team. Rugby in this country is celebrated as the best among South American countries. Though it is not as popular as soccer, it still has a lot of fans. Argentina’s performance in the Rugby World Cup is impressive, although many of its other games are not publicized as much.

5. Wales

The very first match Wales participated in was in 1881 and the same year had a test match against England. The team has taken home several gold medals in the 19th and 20th centuries.