Israel Folau is set to come back to shock the rugby tournament

Israel Folau will return to the Rugby League and play Tonga in the Pacific clash this year against the United Kingdom.

‘I don’t want to bring all of my personal issues into this, and I am very happy that (Rugby International Federation) has confirmed my availability,’ Folau said in a tweet. 

Wallabies’ return was abandoned months after Rugby Australia (RA) had terminated his contract over an Instagram post, which stated that the gays would go to hell unless they repented.

A statement released by the Tonga National Rugby Federation on Monday said that the 30-year-old man and his brother John are happy to play for Mate Ma’a Tonga. 

‘I am very fortunate to have the chance to serve Heaven, my family, my heritage and the people of Tonga. 

‘I am very thankful that RLIF has acknowledged my desire to play.’ he said

Although he will be allowed to play in Test matches against the United Kingdom since the game is part of the Rugby International Federation. 

He is permitted to compete with the United Kingdom in Hamilton on 26 October and Australia in Auckland on 2 November. 

The Christian soccer player is reportedly caught up in a court dispute with Rugby Australia and is appealing for $10 million in damages after a $4 million settlement has been violated.

RA shot Folau for breaking his code of ethics when he posted a controversial Instagram message in April.

Both parties are expected to appear at a court hearing in February next year if a court-directed mediation hearing fails in December. 

The NRL has recently indicated that it would not allow Folau to return, with ARLC President Peter Beattie stating, “Their stance against Israel Folau remains the same.” 

‘We are a game that requires consideration for both of us. Israel has social media online messages that run contrary to what our game stands for,’ he said earlier this year. 

‘As it is, it will not be eligible for registration. What Israel decides to do has to do with its social media messages, and it has to do with its religion. ”

Tonga’s coach, Frank Endicott, who was hired only two weeks ago, said that Folau’s return to the game was ‘great news.’

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