NRL 2020: At the end of the season, Benji Marshall is leaving the West Tigers

The Wests Tigers announced on Tuesday that the star player and the club will take part at the end of the 2020 season.

Marshall’s NRL career started in 2003 with the Wests Tigers and in 2005 saw him feature on the first division championship side. The club then seeks to look to the future and sever close ties with the club. 

Marshall has been playing Super Rugby since leaving the club for the first time in 2013, before transferring to the NRL before then returning to the West Tigers. 

But if he continues to continue his future in football, he is not going back to the club where he has played a total of 253 games so far.

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe has already said that he was really happy to see Benji come back to Wests Tigers in 2018 and proved that Benji would return to be a leader in his career. 

The Wests Tigers distinguished career of Benji Marshall is coming to an end for the second time

As you know in the past two and a half years, he will come back but in fact, it’s not really like that. That he won’t take part in the West Tigers next year makes a lot of people unhappy.

The choices regarding our team are incredibly difficult to make, and they have not been taken easily for Benji Marshall.

However, it’s a vital part for our organisation to ensure continuing list management obligation.

He is confident that whatever Benji chooses to do in 2021, whether he’ll be a football player or not, he’ll be up to him every time.

Benji is said to be a fantastic player and person in real life. He receives a lot of admirations and support from the club for everything he will do in the near future.


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