Top Four Best Rugby Players in the National Rugby League

Although three popular names exited last year, these are, Sam Burgess, Cooper Cronk and Gareth Widdop, the race for the top best players is still highly competitive. Every player is unique, but only the best get noticed. Here are the four most famous names in the NRL world.

1. Sydney Roosters’ James Tedesco

This one comes as a unanimous vote across different teams and no doubt, he wins the heart of many with his skill and grace on the field. Many say that he is capable of winning games for his team even when they don’t deserve it. He can perfectly play both the attacking position and defence, and when it comes to speed, he has the speed of a leopard. Everything about his excellence is in his records including the 2019 grand finale winner.

2. Melbourne Storm’s Cameron Smith

If there’s a highly divisive name is Can Smith. He apparently has a way of attracting both grace and criticism from commentators. One thing is for sure, his skill on the field is tremendous. He has been able to take his stand as a high hooker in the last two decades.

3. North Queensland Cowboys’ Jason Taumalolo

Success started early for Taumalolo after playing his top-grade game at only 17 years old. He is a veteran of 23 test matches with Tonga and New Zealand. His name Jason was given to him by Vaai, his teacher, after being unable to say his name, Taumalolo. He has an excellent run record of 17.6 which is the highest among other current forwards.

4. Melbourne Storm’s Cameroon Munster

Munster is the only other player of the three that the five judges agreed to place among top ten. He was at position ten last year, and it is impressive to have made it to the top four in just one year. His record speaks for itself.